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Heckler & Koch SP5 K PDW | 9mm

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H&K SP5K-PDW - The Ultimate Close Quarters Firearm | Freedom Weapons LLC 

Freedom Weapons LLC brings you the H&K SP5K-PDW, a civilian sporting version of the iconic HK MP5K. Experience unmatched precision, reliability, and the legendary HK roller-delayed blowback system in this masterpiece.

Freedom Weapons LLC proudly offers the H&K SP5K-PDW, a testament to Heckler & Koch's legacy of precision and quality. This semi-automatic civilian sporting pistol mirrors the ultimate close quarters weapon, the iconic HK MP5K. The "K" in its designation, derived from the German word "kurz" for short, highlights its compact barrel and receiver.

All SP5 and MP5 models, irrespective of size, are grounded in the legendary HK roller-delayed blowback operating system. Initially perfected on the Heckler & Koch G3 rifle, this system is celebrated for its pinpoint accuracy, unwavering reliability, and the unparalleled shooting experience it provides. It's a testament to its prowess that numerous HK firearms employing this system are still in active service worldwide.

The SP5K-PDW, tailored to meet the criteria of a civilian pistol, is laden with features that firearm aficionados will admire. This includes a 4.5” barrel equipped with a Navy-style threaded tri-lug adaptor, a user-friendly paddle magazine release, and a uniquely fluted chamber.

Crafted in Heckler & Koch’s renowned factory in Oberndorf, Germany, the SP5K-PDW encapsulates the essence of the MP5 and MP5K. Its precision-machined components and meticulous craftsmanship are a reflection of the high standards maintained by the same team that has been producing MP5s for decades.

Tech Specs:

  • Operating System: HK roller-delayed blowback
  • Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
  • Adaptor: Navy-style threaded tri-lug
  • Magazine Release: Paddle style
  • Chamber: Fluted
  • Manufacturing Location: Oberndorf, Germany
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