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SilencerCo Bravo Front Cap .224 Cal: Enhance Your Suppressor Performance | Freedom Weapons LLC

Experience the superior performance of the SilencerCo Bravo Front Cap .224 Cal. Compatible with Omega 300 and Hybrid 46 suppressors, this front cap is designed to reduce dB levels and enhance your shooting experience. Explore the benefits of SilencerCo's quality craftsmanship with Freedom Weapons LLC.

The SilencerCo Bravo Front Cap .224 Cal is a top-tier suppressor accessory designed to enhance your shooting experience. This front cap is compatible with the Omega 300 and Hybrid 46 suppressors, offering versatility and improved performance. By swapping out the Anchor Brake for the Bravo Front Cap, you can achieve an overall shorter silencer, reducing the length from 7.09" to just 6.06". This not only makes your suppressor more compact but also contributes to a significant reduction in dB levels between 2 to 5 dB, enhancing sound reduction and shooting comfort.

Crafted with precision and quality, the Bravo Front Cap comes in a variety of bore size options to accommodate different calibers. This ensures optimal performance and compatibility with your specific suppressor model. The front cap is available in three color options - Black, Sniper Gray, and FDE, allowing you to customize your suppressor to your preference.

At Freedom Weapons LLC, we are proud to offer the SilencerCo Bravo Front Cap .224 Cal as part of our extensive range of suppressor accessories. We believe in providing our customers with products that enhance their shooting experience and meet their unique needs. Explore the benefits of SilencerCo's quality craftsmanship and innovative suppressor accessories with us today.

Technical Specifications:

  • SKU: Sniper Gray .224 / 5.56mm (AC1341)
  • Bore Size: .224 / 5.56mm
  • Color Options: Black, Sniper Gray, FDE
  • Compatibility: Omega 300 and Hybrid 46 suppressors
  • dB Reduction: 2 to 5 dB
  • Length Reduction: From 7.09" to 6.06"
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