SilencerCo Spectre 9 | 9MM | 38SPL | .357 | .300 BLK

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  • SilencerCo Spectre 9 | 9MM | 38SPL | .357 | .300 BLK
  • SilencerCo Spectre 9 | 9MM | 38SPL | .357 | .300 BLK

Expected release date is Feb 15th 2024

MSRP: $879.00
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SilencerCo Spectre 9 - Versatile and Durable Suppressor | Freedom Weapons LLC

Meet the SilencerCo Spectre 9, a versatile suppressor for 9mm, .38 SPL, .357, and .300 BLK firearms. Lightweight, full-auto rated, and built for performance. Available at Freedom Weapons LLC.

SilencerCo Spectre 9: The Ultimate Multi-Caliber Suppressor

Introducing the SilencerCo Spectre 9 (SU5422), a cutting-edge suppressor that redefines versatility and performance in sound suppression. Now available at Freedom Weapons LLC, this suppressor is designed to accommodate a wide range of calibers, including 9mm, .38 SPL, .357, and both subsonic and supersonic .300 BLK. It's an ideal choice for sub guns and full-auto firearms, including Glock.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Caliber Compatibility: Engineered for 9mm, .38 SPL, .357, and .300 BLK (both subsonic and supersonic), making it a versatile choice for various firearms.
  • Materials: Constructed from Grade 5 and Grade 9 Titanium, offering exceptional durability and strength.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Weighing only 3.9 oz, it ensures minimal impact on firearm handling.
  • Compact and Efficient: With a length of 6.70 inches and a diameter of 1.37 inches, it provides efficient sound suppression without adding bulk.
  • Full-Auto Rated: One of the few suppressors capable of handling the high rate of fire from a full-auto Glock.

Technical Specifications:

  • UPC: 816413028452
  • Weight: 3.9 oz
  • Length: 6.70 inches
  • Diameter: 1.37 inches
  • Sound Reduction: 132.7 dB for 9MM, 133.3 dB for 300 BLK Subsonic
  • MSRP: $879

What's in the Box:

  • SilencerCo Spectre 9 Suppressor
  • Spectre 9 Tool & Piston Housing: Essential tools for maintenance and adjustments.

Ideal for Sub Guns and Tactical Use:

The Spectre 9 is not just a suppressor; it's a critical component for shooters who demand flexibility and performance in their suppressor choice. Whether used on sub guns or full-auto pistols, it delivers unmatched sound suppression and reliability.

Ultra Lightweight & Compact:

The Spectre 9's titanium construction makes it extremely lightweight at just 3.9 ounces. Its compact design ensures minimal impact on the host weapon, making it a great option for personal protection, low-visibility applications, or range days.

Full-Auto Compatibility and Accessories:

Fully auto-rated, the Spectre 9 is one of the few suppressors capable of running on a full-auto Glock. It's compatible with SilencerCo Alpha accessories and mounting systems, enhancing its versatility.

Shop at Freedom Weapons LLC:

At Freedom Weapons LLC, we are proud to offer the SilencerCo Spectre 9, a testament to our commitment to providing advanced suppressor technology. Enhance your shooting experience with this lightweight, versatile, and durable

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